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Frequently Asked Questions

Stunt POC is a website database listing Stunt Performers of Color in Film and Television throughout the Unites States and Canada. We are not a talent agency. All of our ethnic stunt performers are active SAG-AFTRA and/or ACTRA union members in the Film and Television industry. All have IMDb pages.

There are, however, 3 package categories that we offer:

ROOKIE – Must have 3 stunt contract credits in a union Film and/or Television but no more than 9 stunt credits. (The stunt credits MUST be on different projects. Not the same show).

PRO – Must have at least 10 or more stunt contract credits in a union Film and/or Television project. (The stunt credits MUST be on different projects. Not the same show).

COORDINATOR – Must have at least 3 stunt coordinator contract credits in a union Film and/or Television project AND have more than 10 stunt contract credits as a stunt performer

It normally takes 24 hours or less for your submission to be approved or denied.

If you are having a hard time signing in or your password is not working before you have created your stunt profile page — try and reset your password first. If that does not work, please email us, via the CONTACT page, your name, username and email address that you used to sign up and we will reset your account and send you a temporary password.

The PRO members have a verified blue check beside their name and the ROOKIE members not. We decided not to separate member pages to give an opportunity for all coordinators and casting to hire by skill and look on all levels

Yes. On your Dashboard, you will see the upgrade/switch button.

Sure, if you meet BOTH qualifications. You must register for both packages.

To REGISTER, please go to the HOW IT WORKS page and watch the short video. It will be a great tool to visually see how the registration process works. Basically, you would Register, Go to Account Settings, Look on your Dashboard, Click on Add a Listing, Chose your Package, Upload your Profile, Submit your Listing, Pay for your Package, then Wait for Approval). If you are not computer savvy and need StuntPOC to set your account up for you, please email us via the CONTACT page.

To SEARCH for a Stunt Performer from the HOME page, click on “stunt performer” then click on a skill and/or gender or just simply hit the search button that would take you to the EXPLORE page. There you can search in detail (from computer – look to the left. From cell phone click the search circular symbol usually located at the bottom of your phone) Then, click on the “skill”, ethnic “look”, “gender”, “weight” and “height” range you like and the members will appear.

Use the same search pattern when looking for a Stunt Coordinator. Except their search engine will be by coordinator skill and their location is optional.

Yes. You MUST register first and input your billing and shipping information on your dashboard in the ADDRESS section then proceed to the SHOP page to buy your products.

The ABOUT ME section if for you to write ANY additional information about yourself that you would want a stunt coordinator or stunt casting to know. This can include all but not limited to: your athletic background, how many years you have been performing stunts, any additional links to a website, another stunt reel link or an acting reel and you MAY want to include your cell number in this section. The ABOUT ME section if for you to put whatever YOU like in that box.

VIDEOS: Your MAIN Stunt Reel must be from a YouTube link.  For other links, such as vimeo and more, place them in the ABOUT ME section. Please look on some of our member pages who utilize this extra feature.

PHOTOS: Your 1st photo that you would upload would be your MAIN photo. We suggest using a face profile photo, chest up. The 2nd photo is the one that you would upload under the profile photo. This would appear in the background of your profile photo. We suggest using a landscape/horizontal photo or a picture collage of 2-4 pictures to achieve the look like on our other member pages. Any photo you upload after that can be in regular size.

There are a few preliminary steps that can be taken if you run into challenges with our website.

  1. If you are using Internet Explorer, please use another browser like Safari, Chrome or Firefox or vice versa.
  2. If you are having problems submitting your profile, first clear your caches by refreshing your browser, then edit/update your profile. Also, be sure you include ALL required information. Only input numbers for Chest, Waist and Shoe sizes. Your IMDb link must be the original copy and paste from the website and NOT your personal vanity link.
  3. SETTING UP YOUR PERSONAL PROFILES FROM A DESKTOP is encouraged and suggested. You can then used your cell phones when you are updating and editing.